Moeinipour sweetland

Dating and history

Within more than 40 years of production experience in the field of production of traditional and industrial cakes and cookies and export to several different countries

Variety and quality in the product

Production and distribution of more than 12 different and quality products in a variety of cakes and cookies

About Moeinipour

This production unit was established in 1999 and was put into operation in 2004. Moeinipour began his activities by producing oily cakes. The efforts of Moeinipour Cake and Cookies Factory have always been to respond to the needs of consumers in the best way by using the latest technology and standards of the world and with the help of professionals and domestic and foreign consultants.

کارخانه کیک و کلوچه معینی پور

Simple doughnuts

Simple and cocoa


Filled doughnuts or dumplings

Simple and chocolate


Date cookies

With sesame


Danish cake

Cocoa and coconut


Achievements of Moeinpour Food Industries


Recruitment and employment of 150 direct personnel and 500 indirect personnel


Supply of flour and other high quality raw materials directly and without intermediaries


Direct export to more than 10 Asian and European countries

From the farm to the production line and then the consumer

Moeinipour Cake Industries

More than 50 years of production experience with pride